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Continuous Pan Cleaner

The Shaffer | FME Continuous Pan Cleaner uses an inversion conveyor to move pans through a multi-stage cleaning process to remove protein washes, seeds, and other loose toppings.
  • Continuous motion: Unique, continuous conveyor rotates pans to semi-inverted position for optimal waste removal.
  • Multi-Stage Cleaning: Includes three interchangeable cleaning heads for multi-stage cleaning (additional heads available).
  • Cleaning Head Options: A combination of roller brush, orbital brush, rotary brush, and air knife can be used to clean pans.
  • Open Access Design: Cleaning heads are mounted on a swing arm which swings open to provide clear and easy access for changing brushes, maintenance, and sanitation procedures.
  • Precise Cleaning Pressure: Pneumatic cylinders on swing arm fine-tune the distance & pressure applied to pans by cleaning brushes.
  • Pans Will Not Jam: Swing arm mounting and overall open design virtually eliminate possibility of pan jams.
  • Quick-Change Brushes: Brushes can be changed in seconds, not hours, eliminating downtime between products.
  • Infeed and Discharge Height: Infeed and discharge can be low or high elevation allowing cleaner to serve as an inclining or declining conveyor.
  • Pan Flow & Orientation: Pans can enter from left or right-hand side and can be positioned upright or inverted, allowing for easy stacking upon discharge.
  • Brush Cart: Easily store multiple brushes on a custom cart.
  • Waste Collection: Debri removed from pans is diverted into a collection bin.
  • High-Speed Operation: Capable of cleaning 50 or more pans per minute.
  • Operator Interface Controls: Product, cleaning head position, speed, and pressure settings are programmable.
  • NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure.
  • UL, cUL Compliant Controls.


Optional Features:

  • Additional Cleaning Heads: Add more cleaning heads as needed to ensure thorough cleaning of pans.
  • Duplicate Cleaning Heads: Automatically change over to new brushes in less than 30 seconds for allergen management or preventive maintenance purposes.