Custom Design

FME is committed to delivering the most effective solutions to our clients. Each client’s unique needs are considered throughout every design process.

Total Clean Standards

FME has refined and streamlined our design standards over almost 20 years of industry experience. View our 5 manufacturing cornerstones here.

World Class Innovation

Recognized by the National Research Council of Canada for our technological pioneering, FME considers innovation in manufacturing the foundation of our business.

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FME – Your partner in finding your industrial baking solution


Bob Gartland

Pan-O-Gold Baking Co purchased two FME Dough Chunking systems in 1999. The machines are designed and built very robustly, a necessity in the bakery environment, and taken quite seriously by Norman Schmidt in the design and manufacturing process of the equipment. The decision to purchase was easy and quick after conversations with Norman in which he presented his design and building philosophies. His passion for FME solutions in bakeries was very evident.

We have since bought 4 more systems and have FME chunkers and dough belts on three lines. We have installed the systems on both bread and buns, with slight variations in design on each line.  FME is wonderful to work with on our customized approaches to the equipment, and provided the same high standards of design and manufacture to the customization as with their standards designs.

I would recommend FME equipment to any bakery considering dough chunking in their process.

Bob GartlandPan-O-Gold Baking Co. (USA)
Erik Finnerty

“We really do love your [CCM Wirecut] machines.  We now own THREE of them! We were using a different product before- but the performance, product consistency, machine maintenance, etc., for your product is far superior.”

Erik FinnertyFat Cat Scones (California, USA)
Simon Mantell

FME’s [CCM Wirecut], I believe is the best machine on the market: robust, extremely well made, and reliable. The features that I like best are that the machine is very easy to clean, easy to operate and has excellent build quality. I would recommend this machine. FME has a fantastic “how can we help you and solve your production problems” ethic – if only all machine suppliers were like FME – and I am not being paid to say this!!!”

Simon MantellMantelli’s Bakery (South Africa)