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CCM Wirecut

An all-in-one dough-portioning machine with 2 standard models.

The CCM Wirecut can easily handle various dough types including soft, semi-solid and extra stiff doughs such as cookies, brownies, energy bars and gluten free dough with particulates such as nuts, seeds, raisins or flavored chips and chunks.

Pneumatic cut-off with up to 60 cuts/minute OR Servo cutter with up to 120 cuts/minute

Available with various cutters: knife blade & wire cutters tailored to customer requirements

Filler blocks and dies customized for various cookie layouts and dough types, including FME’s “break and bake” configuration, ensure accurate portion control.


  • Clean operation and high portion accuracy with our dough-gentle feed rollers ensure no smearing of dough or inclusions and product color consistency.
  • Our Total Clean Standards provide quick tool-less disassembly and full sanitation access and easy cleaning of the entire machine.
  • Unique powered conveyor lift for ease of maintenance and cleaning. Offers flexibility to tailor the conveyor height to your recipes. A simple push of a button raises or lowers the deck to your needs.
  • Quick and simple conveyor belt removal with FME’s Flip Nose Roller design
  • Touchscreen PLC Controls with storage capacity for 100 recipes”