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Overhead Conveyor

FME’s Allergen Access Overhead Conveyors is built to the highest standards for tracking and dough handling and provides fast and low cost sanitation. With 28 inch wide belts, 31.5 inch wide pulleys, and outer frame sides, these conveyors are completely open for allergen access and removal.

  • Overhead Conveyor package includes ceiling support hangers of 4×4 stainless steel tube for each conveyor (does not include hanger rods or roof support structure).
  • Conveyor belt width of 28 inches with 31.5 inch wide pulleys.
  • Open cantilever mounting design for easy belt installation.
  • UHMW belt scraper assembly at one end for standard one way transport or both ends for reversing operation.
  • Optional inner pulley scrapers ensure continuous pulley and belt cleaning for positive belt tracking.