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Trough Hoist

The FME Dough Trough Hoist is an efficient transfer mechanism to capture troughs and lift dough to feed into a Dough Chunker, Final Mixer, Forming or Feeding Equipment.

  • Dough Tub side-lifting pockets ensures that loose contaminants on the trough exterior are trapped when the tub is lifted — this avoids metal fragment contamination common when using carriage and top bar retention for tub lifting.
  • Custom dough tubs are available with an interior textured surface. Length designed to customer specifications.
  • All corners and seams are welded and polished for sanitary operation and cleaning.
  • Designed for easy draining with a tub drain plug.
  • High backed tub opening provides for optimal dough catchment on the tub’s low side and accurate dough discharge from the higher side.