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What is the difference between the Feed Rollers for the HD Wirecut?

All HD Wirecut Feed Rollers are made of stainless steel. There are 3 main types of Feed Rollers:

  1. Serpentine: designed for smooth product or product with small inclusions.
  2. Hybrid: designed for smooth product with medium size inclusions.
  3. Saw Tooth: for coarse product and product with extra large inclusions. The Saw Tooth rollers are designed to prevent weight variations with product inclusions that will not fill the Serpentine roller profile.
Are CCM Wirecut Feed Rollers removable?

The CCM Wirecut Feed Rollers are fully removable for cleaning and changing in less than 5 minutes – no tools are required for disassembly. The CCM rollers are made of food safe Delrin Acetal or anodized aluminum. CCM Wirecut machines, such as the test machine at Reiser, have removable Front Plates and Feed Rollers that can be slid on their shafts to allow for in machine cleaning or they can be completely removed for cleaning or changing of Feed Rollers.

How do you keep the HD Wirecut machine clean?

Though the heavy-duty construction of the HD Wirecut means that it does not have removable plates and pieces, it has Feed Roller End Plates that seal the ends of the Feed Rollers.

For cleaning, the HD Wirecut front handles can be rotated to pull the End Plates away from the Feed Roller ends so that every surface is completely accessible. There is no need to remove the HD Wirecut Head for washdown or disassemble other parts for cleaning access.

Dies and Construction Materials

Dies are typically made from a single billet/block of aluminum machined and anodized. Complex Dies are manufactured differently – the top plate is manufactured with anodized aluminum with a bottom plate of Delrin Acetal. Optionally, ports can be manufactured with a sleeve of teflon and/or stainless steel.

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